What's On SRHS

What's On SRHS - What's Happenning at SRHS

At SRHS students are learning 24/7. They are taught in the school which they practice at home. We are giving every student a fair stand to learn a new thing and compete with the outside world with our extra curricular activities. We prepare students with everything needed to face the world outside and keep implementing new ideas from time to time. You can learn as long as you live and we give you that chance.


Independence Day Art Contest

Art ContestSRHS Creative Minds is organizing an Independence Day Art contest. So now get your creative minds at work and enlighten us with your hidden artistic talents. Students can enroll for the contest by 10th July. We have selected three themes for the contest. You can submit your entries based on any one of the themes.

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Creative Minds - Computer Whiz Kid

Computer Whiz KidWe are currently conducting a computer and technology quiz competition for the students of Class VIII. Around 170 students from three different class sections have participated in this competition. The students qualify for the next round by scoring above their class mates. We are now in the third round of the competition and 15 sudents so far have made it.

The winner of this competition will be awarded the Certificate of Excellence for creativity and will be felicitated with the Beautiful Mind awards at the annual results day.

We will keep posting the update from this competition.


Website Design - Summer Vacation Project

Summer AssignmentThis summer we have something exclusive in mind. The students have to develop a website about the school based on their knowledge of HTML already taught in earlier classes. Students from Class IX - Class X will participate in this event. More than 300 students will demonstrate their art of creativity through this project. Today is the era of internet, social networking sites and online promotion. This project will develop their website development skills which will help them in promote their new ideas and skills online. This will help the students express their ideas and gives them a fair chance to stand among their fellow classmates.

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