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This section is exclusively designed for students where they can access their school assignments from anywhere. This is helpful if you forgot to note down your assignment at school or you were absent on the day it was given.


Summer Vacation Assignment | Class IX - X

SRHS AssignmentSRHS Creative Minds aim to develop the ability of each student to perform in an outstanding manner. From time to time we implement ideas to enhance students' thinking and performing skills. This summer we have something exclusive in mind. The students have to develop a website about the school based on their knowledge of HTML already taught in earlier classes. This will help the students express their ideas and gives them a fair chance to stand among their fellow classmates.


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Tutorial - Help

Since the school remains closed during the vacation, we have put together some links below that might be helpful in making your assignment. Do not forget to mention the names of the textbooks and online links you have taken help from under the heading refrences on the 'ME' page of your website.

Note: The above links are just for your references. Please do not copy paste any of the work. Create your page is step by step wizard which will help you create a page. Its just for your reference and you should not simply present it as your work.